Alazkara is no flight of fancy. 

He is the mutinous result of the union between; 

classical music × tasawwuf × rock bars & electronic clubs.


Challenging the harmønious relationship between genres, he cuts the line between ordinary believers (†) and the courting of the dark divine (‡), as his music means to alter one’s state of consciousness, through baring of raw emotions.


Kürşat Çeliksümer aka Alazkara is a young and promising Turkish musician and producer. Coming from a musician family, Alaz started his music career with Turkish Republic’s prominent maestros at the TRT Ankara Radio Polyphonic Children’s Choir. 

His education took him to State Conservatory Music Departments where he mastered Violon¢ello, Piano, Guitar and other local instruments, as well as the darker spectrum of the correlation between the string and the electricity, the pulse and the beat, the melody and euphony.


He has participated in many concerts with various orchestras, choirs and chamber music groups since he was a kid, but;

Now - *

With his first ever release from Kindergarten;  ‘a dynamic lament of a remix’ of his close friend Okto Mod’s Cycle, he proceeds for another kind of elation and beatitude.

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