Diana Swan

From bacchanalian underground haunts to the glitter-encrusted mainstream,

our girl DIANA is the kind of person who can handle two of the toughest industries: modeling and music. 

She might have just started her career last year, but she instantly discovered her own style, and has full confidence in it.


Everything started when she was little, she would be running around, hanging with musicians from Ukraine and Russia - mostly , wait for it Jazz! Her father fueled her passion when he took her by the hand and introduced her to Beatles. 

That was a milestone!


Juggling life as an in-demand editorial star and a party enthusiast, she started travelling all around the world. Once, she even went to Mongolia in pursuit of an unknown festival. 

After 10 years of clubbing around the globe, she arrived to Istanbul, April 2018. It definitely was not the Turkey she watched on TV. Her reaction to the nightlife in Istanbul is described with three letters; WOW.  And so, she decided to start her career; she was in the right place and the right moment. 

for bookings don't hesitate to contact ipek from ჻  ceylanipekel@gmail.com





kindergarten is an ISTANBUL based,
single serving ⁺ one person label; 
ipek ceylan el's label to be more precise.
her passion is discovering talent in all ages *
being a manager to the oldest underground club
in istanbul ⁑ the infamous minimuzikhol ⁑
meant she was swimming in talent pool -
thus, she decided to take matter to her own hands.
want to release your tit shattering music ⁑ 
send her an email  ceylanipekel@gmail.com
she'll get back to you.
she promises.

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