Göksel Duran

Göksel Duran aka G.D is our upcoming star in deep house resurgence.

It all started at a young age of 13 *

when he was in just middle school, he found himself producing music rather than running around and physically exhausting his parents. His transition from childhood to adulthood would be marked by electronic music. At age 14 he took his first professional step and signed up for production training in Istanbul’s prominent music studios. 

That was pretty much the beginning.


He learned mixing, arrangement and theory lessons from Turkish producer Ayhan Sarıyer aka Digitolia, who is a respected member of the electronic community; an artist of Roland and Arturia - he included in Fact Magazine’s list of the world’s best 30 home studios.

Talk about prominent education.

Now 10 years later,

at the young age of 24, Göksel is releasing his deeply moving single NYX *

and signalling many more to come.

for bookings don't hesitate to contact ipek from ჻  ceylanipekel@gmail.com





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being a manager to the oldest underground club
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meant she was swimming in talent pool -
thus, she decided to take matter to her own hands.
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