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KaaN’s music is an exploration of different emotions. 

He is passionate and intense like the East,

yet versatile like the West.

His music can be described as;

A discordant meditation of Turkish Adab (a mannerful way) on lust and life.


His highly ornamental melodies, freely unfold to express a slowing of time within the composition in order to feel the moving of the body and the trance.

His melodies suggests both dynamic energy and temporal suspense or stasis. That’s the infusion of many years in the Turkish music industry expressing itself out into the world.


KaaN has played in every corner of Istanbul’s underground scene with many prominent artists and he was also the musical director in Silver Beach, Turkey.

He has  produced many tracks and shared his work with many labels in countries such as; USA, England, Germany and Netherlands.

He has then travelled to Miami and became the resident dj of the prestigious Deck Island Garden. He has founded Tribal Galaxy and has executed many succesful events. He now resides in United States under the watchful eyes of Ipek, producing producing and producing.


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