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Khan screamed into the world from the capitol of Anatolia; Ankara on November 14, 1983.

From childhood he picked up classical guitar but soon realized ჻ as he was trying his best to play out Barış Manço songs ⁑ that his true passion lied with Bass Guitar. Quickly they set up a band with his friends from high school, and thus the bass kid was born.

He was not yet 18 ː͚͙ but he was already a regular at  '-18' parties. You could see him sipping his non-alcoholic cocktail, dancing his away to the disco culture of his time. Soon he was of legal age, and found himself in electronic scene; in clubs such as  "Pulse8", "Complex" "Twenty" and "Faces", which revolutionized the entertainment world in Ankara in the late 90s and early millennium.


It was inevitable that he started playing bass guitar in orchestras in various live music venues in Ankara in 2002. He was so talented that one day in 2013 an unexpected phone call asked him if he would like to play for Yıldız Tilbe, one of the best-selling musical artists in Turkey, known especially for her eastern-infused ballads.

He said, yes! and Khan's Istanbul adventures started.

For almost a decade he has been on the road, playing his instrument with wide range of artists and genre's, looking for new ways to implement his sound into electronic scene. And he does it so well...

for bookings don't hesitate to contact ipek from ჻


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