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Serbian origin Mey is a young & rising talent, ahead of the curve. 

Mey’s talent shine brilliantly in her intelligent, hyper-layered and contextually rich productions. Where anything is a fair game in music culture, Mey counters the game with ingenuity.

Hardware, software, vocals, dance, digital processing - manipulation of all sorts and shapeshifting is her production signature.

Her creative purity in her first track Darling has captured a rising graphic as it takes the listener to a picturesque, movie like soundscape and captures your soul. Next, she released her first album

' 24th July ' with the American origin KP RECORDING.  


At times dark, rugged and at others buoyant, therapeutic and frisk;

the ambiguity in Mey’s productions is anything but static.

for bookings don't hesitate to contact ipek from ჻

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