Niko is Istanbul's go to guy for any festival that is in need of technical director. His education started in 2001 after he left the prestigious Boğaziçi University in his last year and jumped into life in all the prominent venues of the city whether it was the most faous rock bar or electronic his experience is founded on a broad spectrum.

In 2009 he left the city and travelled to Mannheim to get his Sound Engineering certificate from SAE. When he came back, he was working with senior Güçlü Arslan, and was the recording junior engineer to amny projects.

In time he would be the technical director to all the fetsivals in Istanbul, such as Electronica, Chill Out or Big Burn.. etc.

He was among the first musicians to work on etnic genre as he edited a beautiful son by Iranian artist Bahramji, and his edit with Minimuzikhol's Barış K gave him the spotlight he much deserved.

He is the  Foh & Monitor Engineer to many local and global artists and a valuable teacher on production, mixing, sound desing, scoring, dynamic effects & eq settings.

He shared stage with prominent artists such as; Holger Hecler, Boot & Tax, Jack The Rapper, Undercat and Nico Stojan to name few..





kindergarten is an ISTANBUL based,
single serving ⁺ one person label; 
ipek ceylan el's label to be more precise.
her passion is discovering talent in all ages *
being a manager to the oldest underground club
in istanbul ⁑ the infamous minimuzikhol ⁑
meant she was swimming in talent pool -
thus, she decided to take matter to her own hands.
want to release your tit shattering music ⁑ 
send her an email
she'll get back to you.
she promises.

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