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Khan's First Single*

#Khan #Gfive #KindergartenICE Khan a.k.a Kaan Inceer -

is my neighboor, mate, comerade raver, dark day compatriot and a kick ass bass guitar player of 20 years and more. He has played with every imaginable artist in Turkey including Yıldız Tilbe, one of the best and craziest of them all, a best selling artist known for her eastern-infused ballads. Real damar ballads.

And now, Khan is taking all that experience and pouring it into his first steps towards electronic music productions.

This man is a musician, guys..

Expect nothing less than delicate arrangements for specific intentions.

I am very lucky to be producing his first steps and many to come.

Gfive is Khan's slow and steady step into the scene,

amidst the corona break you'll find that it settles your nerves, a sort of an antidote for those who wish to relieve muscle tensions happening lately.

Give my mate a listen. I know you’ll dig him. And put him into your radar.

His single will be out to listen everywhere come next week.

Cheers -


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