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Gece Gelen Gece Gider out May 4!

A short heart story by Tutan.

One night stands.

It’s a familiar scene: a thriving nightlife, a club or maybe a wine bar where glasses are clinking and singles are mingling before drifting off into the shadows — two by two. It’s not the perfect picture of romance, but when you’re caught up in the moment, a warm body feels like a fair substitute for love, right?

Is it love? Naaah.

We all know that love is a powerful drug. It’s comparable to being addicted to crack cocaine. Or perhaps a tad touch better?

The shared, near-identical effect amounts to a rush of feel-good chemicals in your brain (or a “high”) that leaves you with an enhanced mood, a heightened sexual interest and a boost of self-confidence … not to mention impaired judgment that can influence you to make poor decisions in the dark of night that you come to regret in the light of day...

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